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OPP: Can't Let Go Of High School


We all know the type…the guy that still wears his letterman jacket and reminisces about the good old days. That’s exactly what today’s OPP is dealing with and she needs your help!

"Yi guys! I went out on a date with a guy last week and things went really good. I ended up going to his place after and that’s where things got weird. He had trophies and jerseys displayed all over his apartment and they weren’t professional athlete’s jerseys—they were HIS high school trophies and jerseys!!!! I stayed the night cuz we were drinking but I didn’t do anything with him and I left first thing in the morning. Now he’s calling and texting me like crazy but I haven’t responded. I liked him before we got to his apartment, but this isn’t normal is it? Will a guy like this ever grow up?"


Steve has tons of ribbons and trophies and lettered playing baseball and track in high school. His mom bought him a jacket, but he never wore it! Steve was the NO.1 pitcher in the state, but he has never displayed his newspaper clippings, awards or otherwise. They’re nostalgia, not for bragging rights!

Slacker and Steve both do not understand the high school ring significance. It’s just High School. A lot of people graduate from high school.

Slacker still has all of his band patches and medals. Steve thinks he does, anyway and tries to cover it up by saying that Slacker’s first wife threw all that stuff out! Slacker’s brother has a ring from DU where he got his master’s degree. That is considered prestigious, but when do you rock it? He swears if this guy Desiree went out with is not in his 20’s…RUN. Especially if he thinks he is a big shot for his accomplishments from high school. The people who were exceptional in Slacker’s small town high school left town. Once they discovered that they were just above the rest of the small town and not that extraordinary outside the comforts of home, they came back home to be humbled and regroup a bit.

Steve reminds Slacker that he still has the chair he earned in band (3rd Chair) for the bassoon. He claims he actually hurt the girl in 1st chair once just so he could claim to be 1st in something!

Have you ever met a guy that can’t let go of the past?

I know a guy who lives here in Denver and he is the epitome of this same issue. He has a ton of actual collectible stuff, but then he also has his T-ball championship pictures next to his collectibles. Crazy the vain things people do instead of moving forward and continuing with their growth…
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/06/2012 4:30PM
OPP: Can't Let Go Of High School
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