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OPP: Bringing The Girlfriend To Parent/Teacher Conferences

Today, Greg was kind enough to leave us his phone number in his email so he joined us live on the air to share his dilemma. Greg has an eight year old son with his ex-wife he divorced six years ago. Recently, his son had a parent/teacher conference, so Greg brought his girlfriend of four years, Kim. Greg’s ex was not happy about that. Like most people were saying on facebook, it’s a parent/teacher conference and she’s not a parent, but in Greg’s eyes she is. Kim is a huge part of his son’s life. She watches him, dresses him and takes him to school when he’s at their place. She acts like a parent even when he’s not around. She cooks, she cleans the toilets, and according to Greg, she treats their son better than his ex. In the end, he feels like he had the right to bring her to the conferences.
In Slacker’s heart of hearts, he thinks Greg is right. Deep down, she is being a parent even if they are not married yet. He even referred to what politician Hilary Clinton said, “It takes a village,” so if more people are involved in getting the child from A to B, then what is wrong with that?
I have to agree with Slacker. If she’s been in the child’s life for four years now and she hasn’t hurt the child, has done nothing but helped and loved the child, than I don’t see the problem. I think the conference is just the straw that broke the ice. I think the ex overall just has a problem with the other girl in her son’s life. I feel like she might be afraid of being replaced, but I don’t think that will happen. However, I have not been a parent before or even remotely close unless you count a dog, so I don’t think I have the best advice.
Do you think Greg should have brought his girlfriend? At what point do you bring someone you’re dating into your child’s life?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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11/16/2011 4:35PM
OPP: Bringing The Girlfriend To Parent/Teacher Conferences
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11/16/2011 9:25PM
Yi guys. I am a teacher and it is illegal for the girlfriend to be in the conference unless a form has been signed by one of the parents stating that she may attend. Privacy issues have been violated! YIKES. The Dad needs to get the correct paperwork in place before the ex-wife gets on his case about this.
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