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OPP: Boss Wants Me to Dress Sexy

Leslie joined us live on the show today, but here is her OPP:
Yi guys! I work in sales and my boss (who is a guy) pulled me aside and gave me a tip to do well at work. His tip was, "Dress sexier and you'll make more money--no matter what." He's never been anything but professional with me and I know he was really trying to help me succeed. I went out and bought some sexier outfits and as could be expected my husband got all upset about it. I told him what my boss said and now he wants to confront my boss. I told him I would return the outfits and take care of the situation myself but he is beside himself. What do I say to convince him I was only trying to do well at my job and not sleep with my boss?
What advice do you have for Leslie?

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07/24/2013 9:30PM
OPP: Boss Wants Me to Dress Sexy
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07/29/2013 10:16AM
OPP: Double Dog Dare
Double Dog Dare Slacker to give Kirk Mongtomery on 9 news a wedgy right before the 9 news at 9 starts.
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