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OPP: Black Wedding Dress

Todays OPP is from Grant
Yi! My Fiancé wants to wear a black wedding dress. She thinks that they’re really beautiful, but her mom is going to kill me if I let her do it. I’m, stuck in the middle between their arguing and cannot take it anymore. I don’t know who to side with. I mean I want my bride to be happy on our special day, but I also know that my soon to be mother-in-law will be miserable if it isn’t a traditional wedding. What should I do?
Slacker thinks if Grant was 100% behind his fiancé’s decisions he would not have asked them for advice. He thinks men are used to seeing women in little black dresses so to walk down the aisle in a white dress makes it have more meaning. White is an angelic color because it’s so pure and you usually never see a woman in a white dress.

Steve doesn’t think there is anything wrong with a black dress and thinks it’s kind of sexy. He wants to know what’s more important to Grant, keeping the bride happy on her special day or pleasing the mother in law to stay on her good side? He thinks it makes it special because you never see black wedding dresses where as you always see white ones.

Who do you think Grant should side with?
I do think the dress should be white because  she is vowing in front of God however, it is their wedding which is based on their beliefs. So I think if she doesn't believe that then by all means where a black dress but it's her beliefs she should be following for her wedding. Grant should let her decide though and not the mom.
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03/21/2014 4:21PM
OPP: Black Wedding Dress
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