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OPP: 25 and Getting Hickeys

Yi guys! I started dating a girl and a few months ago, she gave me a giant hickey. I got angry and asked her not to do it anymore. I'm 26 and have a good job and I can't show up to work with giant hickeys on my neck! Plus, I think it's pretty trashy in general. Last weekend we were getting ready to go out with a group of my friends and she did it again! My friends all told me that she is marking her territory. They think she did it the first time so women at work would see it and the second time so the girls I'm friends with would see it. If it's true, I'm starting to think it's a huge red flag and the first signs of a jealous psycho! Is she trying to mark her territory? Is this a sign that she's crazy?

Slacker and Steve both think that his girlfriend is marking her territory especially after telling her twice. They both think that hickeys are so high school. They look stupid and trashy. They both think that so many people leave hickeys on purpose. They called Lil’ D out for having a hickey and he actually wore a sweater with a collar to cover it up.

What should Clint do?

Break up with her. She is a psycho. Hickeys are so gross and look gross. I am anti-hickey.
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01/28/2014 4:15PM
OPP: 25 and getting Hickeys
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01/28/2014 4:50PM
it happens sometimes
My fiance and I have a strict no hickey rule but from time to time it does get kind of passionate and we happen to give each other one. Maybe its not on purpose that she's doing it.
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