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OPP: 12-Year-Old Wearing Thong

Today’s OPP came from Becky:
Yi! Over spring break my daughter came to visit—she lives with my ex and his new girlfriend.  I was doing her laundry and discovered my 12-year-old daughter had nothing but thongs for underwear.  No panties, no granny panties, just thongs.  I was furious! There is no reason for a girl that age to be wearing such sexy underwear! I think she may be having sex and my ex is encouraging it by putting her in such outrageous clothes.  Do I have a right to be furious with my ex because of this?  How should I handle this?
Slacker prays he never gets divorced…To him this is about those battles that go on between exes and the pawn that is your children, but also at what age you can explore your sexuality?
Steve thinks twelve is way too young. Just because she hit puberty doesn’t mean you need to instantly get a thong. Slacker has no earthly idea if he thinks twelve is too young. Slacker’s wife is from Brazil and they are very open in their sexuality, so he thinks if his daughter expresses interest then his wife is going to be for it. He thinks Becky may be a little naïve in thinking she shouldn’t wear one.
I’m going to come clean and say I own a lot of thongs. In fact, I probably wear them 80% of the time. When I was younger, probably around her daughter’s age, I was wearing really tight pants and I would always see the line of my underwear. Kids at school would notice the line and start to make fun of me so my mom brought up the idea of shopping for thongs that way I didn’t have to show a line. It was a perfect solution so I don’t see anything wrong with what her daughter is wearing.
So, does Becky have the right to be upset? Is twelve too young?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/20/2012 4:18PM
OPP: 12-Year-Old Wearing Thong
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06/18/2012 9:43PM
Yes it's way to young and not aproriate for there age
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