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OPP: Was In An Abusive Relationship


Today's OPP came from Tony:

Yi! I’m dating a girl that used to be in an abusive relationship. The guy was a real jerk and would fly off the handle and verbally abuse her all the time. She doesn’t really like to talk about it much, but I know he grabbed her at least once or twice. I am NOT that kind of guy at all. I’m really starting to fall in love with her, but she has a lot of issues because of that jerk. I’ve never done anything disrespectful to her in any way, but she is still hesitant to take our relationship to the next level. How do I get her to trust me? What do I need to do to prove that I will never treat her like he did?

Ooph. This one is rough to answer. I'm not really sure how to answer Tony's questions, but if I had to give any advice, my best bet would be to give her a little more time. I think things have to be done at her pace. Tony should have a conversation with her with where she's at, not necessarily about her abusive relationship, but what she needs in order for her to trust him. I could be giving entirely horrible advice so if I am, I completely apologize.

Do you have any advice for Tony?

Peace. Love - Assistant Producer Stephanie 
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10/09/2012 2:23PM
OPP: Was In An Abusive Relationship
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10/09/2012 4:33PM
Moving On
I was in a abusive relationship for 23 years and I divorced him 2 years ago. I have just now started dating again. I have met a very nice guy and even though I believe he wouldn't hurt me I still have that in the back in mind. You must be patient. I'm still afraid of speaking my mind and having my opinions but he is very patient and listens to what I have to say. The longer I am with him the more I trust him. Again just be patient.
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