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OPP: Wants to Feel Desirable


Chelsea was in a serious relationship that ended about a year ago and there were no relations the entire last year that they were together. She didn’t feel wanted and was ready to get back into the dating scene. Chelsea thought it would be easy and that she would find a great guy and her needs would be met right away, but that hasn’t been the case. It’s been a year of going out and dating and she has got absolutely nothing. Yeah, 2 years and no relations. Chelsea is 27 years old and just wants to feel desirable for once. She is not a bad looking girl— just wants the situation and the person to be right. Some of her friends have told her that she need to lower her standards and just go out and get crazy one night. Others say that Chelsea needs to keep looking and eventually she will find the right man.

Slacker and Steve think that Chelsea just needs a dude now!! Not the right man, right now. If she wanted it she could have had it. They think that she just needs to find a guy for now and keep looking for the right man, she is getting dates, and so what else can she do. “Should she continue her search for the unicorn or just settle for an average horse…” – Slacker

What do you guys think Chelsea should do?

Chelsea should do whatever she wants…if her needs are taking over then maybe Mr. Right Now is appropriate, but if she is fine waiting for a great guy then Mr. Right takes time. 

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04/25/2013 4:18PM
OPP: Wants to Feel Desirable
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04/25/2013 4:40PM
There is nothing that makes me feel more nasty than an mediocre man going "rabbit style" on top of me. For me, relations are sexy when he know what I like and Joe Shmoe never gets it right and makes me feel nasty.
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