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OPP: V-Card Pressure

Today’s OPP came from Becca:
Yi Slacker and Steve-
My boyfriend and some friends at school are really putting a lot of pressure on me. I’m 17 and I’m still a virgin. My boyfriend really wants to lose it together and my friends are telling me just to do it. I kind of want to but I’m still not sure. I’m not on the pill and I really don’t want to get pregnant. I don’t know if I should go ask my mom if I can be on it because she’ll know why I’m asking. I’m just kinda scared about it all I guess and I just need some help telling my boyfriend all of this without hurting his feelings. What should I say?
Slacker wants to believe in his heart that she’s not going to give into the peer pressure. Slacker, as a boy, he wanted to lose his, same for all guys and there was no pressure. If there was an opportunity, he was going to lose it, but for young women it’s bad. He wonders since she’s so scared, if she just doesn’t know enough knowledge on relations and all the things that could come with it.
Steve doesn’t have a clue on what to tell Becca. He doesn’t want her to give into the pressure.
What advice do you have for Becca?
I know Becca is scared to talk to her mom about birth control and relations, and all that fun stuff that comes with it, but to be honest…I think it’s just time to have that talk. I know I never got the talk, but my mom did discuss birth control with me because she also knew that I was dealing with cramps. It helped open up our relationship and made things easier for us to discuss. At 17, you are almost an adult and I would hope Becca doesn’t give into the peer pressure and waits until she is ready, but the talk doesn’t hurt. Be brave! You can do it!
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/27/2012 4:24PM
OPP: V-Card Pressure
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04/27/2012 4:28PM
I've had preasure
I'm forteen about to be fifteen in a month and I know poeple who got pregnant in middle school. I also have had people tell me to just have sex. I am suprised I haven't lost my V-Card. To contact me my cell phone is 7205303123.
04/27/2012 4:37PM
Be responsible!
I was 15 when I lost my virginity and I'm almost 17 now and still with the same guy I lost it to, he was also a virgin at the time, I think if your thinking about having sex definately get on the pill and use a condom on top of it because nothing works 100% I can't tell you how many pregnancy scares I've had and I get paranoid very often, your going to do it either way, just be smart about it! -7208411018
04/27/2012 4:41PM
Pregnant my first time
I say to Becca and EVERY teenager out there: do NOT do it! I lost my v-card after graduation. We didn't talk about using protection and I did get pregnant. It only takes ONE time to get pregnant or contract an STD. You are too young and are no where near being financially ready amongst other things. You must consider ALL of the consequences of engaging in sexual relations.
04/27/2012 5:13PM
What is best for you
Hi there I am not going to tell you to it pd not to but ask your self two questions. 1) how important is your virginity? 2) are you losing it or giving it? How important is your viginity to YOU? I am going to assume the fact that you want to hear the opinion of others it is important to you Other wise the second question won't matter and we would not be discussing this subject. In this day and age when as females we are more than what's in between our legs is seem to be normal that to be a virgin at your age is rare but don't let this pressure you. If your virginity is important then it is save say that you would be giving a big part of you that you can't get back. So how ready are you to go forward with this? 2) are losing it or giving it? To me losing it is just that! Losing to some one that may not appreciate it. Ask your self how much will this boy appreciate what I am offering. If he is pressuring you to do it then most likely he is not aware of what your concerns are nor feelings. This is some thing that should just feel right with the right person not pressure into doing so. So of you feel that he won't appreciate it then you will be lossing it. However if you wait to find some one that just comes natural and he full understand that what you are giving is important and a big part of you then and only then when YOU feel like he is worth it then It will happen bit it's up to you not your friends. Under no situation should you feel pressure to do so. I am 25 and just recently happen the man that I am with actually respected and understood what it meant to me. He waited till I was ready and did not push the subject at all. Best of luck do what feels right.
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