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OPP: Turning Daughter Into "Kept" Woman


She worked hard to raise her daughter to be a strong, independent woman…but her daughter’s new boyfriend is changing all that. 
Yi! My daughter is only 23 and her boyfriend is 39.  Recently they moved to Texas for his job and yesterday she called to tell me that he doesn't want her working or going to school.  Keep in mind that she has always worked, and had started college while she was living here.  She's young, they aren't married, and they don't have children so what in the world would she do in the house all day?  I'm terrified that this is a sign of things to come.  She's hundreds of miles away from home and she completely relies on him for everything. What should I do?
At first, Slacker thinks she should stay out of it. “Butt-Out!”
Steve is thinking she should let the dude live his life. Be happy for the guy! Let him have fun! No? He says that the daughter is allowing it to happen and bringing it on herself. He actually just thinks the daughter should wake up and see what this guy is doing! That’s all.
Slacker wants to know why she should stay home for nothing… what is his game?  Is he a control freak? Slacker has a name for this…a kept woman! What would you tell a potential employer about the gap in time between jobs? Slacker thinks she has separated her from everything. The guy moved her out of state, no school, no job.
Steve knew a friend like this. No shopping, hanging out with girlfriends. She was duped in love and had no problem with it. She was a stay at home girlfriend. She stayed with the guy for a long time.
The guys think most of the feedback here will come from the difference in age. Maybe…
If you were this girls’ mom, would you get involved?
Just check in with her and make sure she’s safe! Otherwise, maintain your friendship with your daughter and listen when she tells you what going on. You can pick your friend but you can’t pick your family. Family will always be there and you’d be surprised how long that takes to get through to your children. Men will come and go!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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