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OPP: Trick or Treat Diet

"I have some friends that have a VERY overweight 10 year old daughter. They put her on a strict diet to try to get her back to a healthy weight. Because of her diet they are not going to let her go trick-or-treating this year! She has been before so she will think she's being punished. How can you keep your child home while all of her friends are out getting candy? I don't think it's any different than taking Christmas away from your kids. I feel like I should step in and say something. Has anyone else ever banned their child from Trick-or-Treating because they were on a diet?"


Slacker thinks she is meddling.  Steve says or concerned. There are many obese people in the country. Parenting should be left to the parents. It would be easier to not have the temptation in front of her than to take it away once she has it. It is a hard decision to take it away from your kids but they have to do what is right for their kid. The parents should absolutely come up with an alternative.

Have you ever taken away Halloween for the sake of your child’s diet?

I have a daughter that is 11 years old and she has had a bit of weight issue in the last few years. We talk about her choices now. She really grew out of the dress-up stage a couple of years ago so I don’t think it would be that important to her anyways. She would rather go to dinner and a movie than go Trick or Treating.  As a parent I have to consider my child’s health. To say she is “VERY” overweight says this child is at risk for some serious health risks. Let the parents do their job. Come up with something else to do. Let her dress-up, throw a party with healthy snacks, take her to do something else.


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10/24/2013 4:45PM
OPP: Trick or Treat Diet
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10/24/2013 4:53PM
Have fun and make money
I know of an orthodontist Dr. Idiculla, who is offering to buy children's Halloween candy by the pound. She could go out have fun trick-or-treating with her friends and then make some money in the end. Dr. Idiculla will be sending all the candy that he buys back overseas to the military. WIN WIN
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