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OPP: The Ex Wants Me Back

Today Danny joined us live on the air from Canada to talk about his OPP, but here is his e-mail to us:
YI!! Slacker and Steve
I need your help guys... I met this girl and completely and TOTALLY hit it off. We were PERFECT. I have never connected with anybody like this before in my life. We dated for a while and it was the most incredible relationship. We had something that just wasn't like a normal relationship. During our "incredible relationship" she went off and saw another guy that she had been in a past long distance relationship with. When she came back she said she needed a "break" which eventually lead to her leaving me and I was completely destroyed and heartbroken. It affected everything in my life. We went back and fourth for a while but eventually she was "gone for good". After that, we didn't speak for 5 months and I was a wreak for a long time. I loved her. Now just as I was starting to feel better and move along, the other day she gets in touch with me and confessed right out of the blue that she was so wrong, she was so sorry, and she had realized that "no one was comparable" and she wanted to get back together... Considering how we went back and fourth for a while last time and considering how incredibly hurt I was last time, I can't go through that again if I was to get back together... What do I say to her? Do I give her a chance? or risk getting hurt again....
Thanks guys for your possible help,
Slacker doesn’t know what to tell him. Danny couldn’t even bare to get up out of bed in the morning…He’s so in love with this girl that when you have this kind of connection with someone, it feels like the right thing to do to bring them back in but if you re-build it and she does it again, you will be torn down to the same foundation but forty stories lower than that. You are going to be thrashed beyond comparison.
Steve says she has all the power in the relationship, coming and going into his life and him being so nice may be a bit of the problem. To pick up what Steve said, Slacker thinks she knows she has one puppy dog that will always be there in the wings. He could be completely wrong and she might actually love him, but it’s hard to know…
Other questions Danny started to ponder over are, does she actually mean what she said? Is she telling the truth? …Because he has lost so much trust with her. Steve says if he’s already feeling this way, there’s no way it can go back to being the same way. Slacker agrees and says it’s like he’s a dog that got hit by a newspaper and now every time the paper boy comes by, he’s afraid.
Slacker did the yo-yo thing for three years with a girl and it wrecked him, but eventually you have to wake up and go, I can’t be that person anymore. You have to look and go, what are you holding onto? You tend to forget the bad and always remember the good.
I want to say so bad that this is your moment, the moment everyone dreams of to have that one person back in your life, but…I can’t say he should give her another chance…And that breaks my heart…
Truth be told, he’s in love with who she once was or what he thought she was, but that’s not who she is and he’s always going to resent her for leaving him for someone else. It’s going to linger in your brain, you’re going to lose trust and to jump into another piece of the puzzle…This is not love. If this was real, true love, she would have never done this to you. Out of the relationship, I would just take those memories and think, hey, now I know what I’m looking for and although I don’t know all the answers, I would say you will find that again and with the right person. It’s what I’m hoping for…

Do you have any advice for Danny?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/27/2012 4:37PM
OPP: The Ex Wants Me Back
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03/27/2012 5:56PM
Reminds me of a song I once heard. Saying bye to Britta Was the hardest thing to do But when someone's a betch and a liar There ain't nothing left to woo
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