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OPP: Telling Kids About Bad People


Today's OPP comes from Lauren...

Lauren has a little girl who is 5. She knows right from wrong. Her and her husband try to pay attention to what they are watching on TV. She's been watching recently about the college coach  being found guilty for sexual abuse, a recent abduction of a child or the shooting at a theater. She's not sure how to approach these topics and not be scared around people she knows and that there are people you can trust.

Teaching your child the ways of the world is a major part of parenting, but how do you decide just how much to tell your child.

Slacker struggles with this his oldest child is still a toddler...and he would go anywhere with someone if they had his preference in a toy or food. When is it the right time to teach right from wrong without instilling a ton of fear.

Steve has no real applicable advice on this topic at the moment. Usually he's full of info from his perch way above and looking down on all the peeps with kiddos...
How do you talk to them about the bad people/things in life?

Doesn't matter what age your kid is. Make sure you talk to them about healthy touches and proper anatomy terms. Kisds that are shielded or uneducated early in life might discover the thrill of a secret that could put them in harms way...

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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10/12/2012 5:18PM
OPP: Telling Kids About Bad People
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