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OPP: Tell Him I'm A Virgin

Today’s OPP comes from Marissa:
Yi Slacker & Steve,
This feels a little weird to tell the world, but here it goes. I’m 27 and I’ve been dating a guy for a while now. I think it's time we had relations…but I'm a virgin.  I’ve never really been in a relationship before so I have no idea what I’m doing :( I feel like I need to tell him but I don’t know what his will reaction be and I’m a little worried he’ll think I’m a freak. Am I even obligated to tell him?  Are virgins a turn-on or a turn-off for men? Please help.
While Steve was reading this email, he got to the part about being obligated and Slacker shouted, “Yes!” When you’re 27, 18, even 14 years old, it’s practically assumed you’ve had relations, so Slacker personally thinks she has to tell him and if she doesn’t, he will probably freak out more after. However, he also thought, how can you be 27, have your v-card and your going to blow it on some guy you are just dating? Why would you spoil this? In high school it’s like this stupid comic book everyone is handing around but at 27 it’s like a one of a kind comic. In the end, Slacker would not want to date a virgin. He doesn’t want the pressure; he doesn’t want to train anybody… Steve asked him a question though… If this did happen and he was going to go through with it, would he be kind and gentle or would he be himself? Slacker said he would want to make sure he had some kind of confetti canon so in a sense she wouldn’t think it was bad…
I don’t necessarily think Marissa is obligated to tell him, but I do think Marissa would feel a lot better if she did. That way everything is out in the open and well, if he doesn’t like it than he’s not the one and you deserve someone better that is willing to respect that. It’s a part of who you are and what made you who you are today, so I think you should be proud of it and not be afraid to share it.
What do you think? What advice do you have for Marissa?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/28/2012 4:22PM
OPP: Tell Him I'm A Virgin
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02/28/2012 5:02PM
If it's for a Religion belief
Yi Slacker and Steve!!! These last few callers pi**ed me off and I think a lot of other men as well. The one caller that said men just come and go and that caller seemed to have the attitude of like egh men can be just like trash if he's there great if not just throw him away. What's wrong with single women these days???? Seriously???? Also another caller called in and said she's waiting for the "Mr. Perfect" gawd are women seriously delusional? Thanks for both you Slacker and Steve for calling her out and others that there is NO "Mr. Perfect". Why can't women get it through their heads that no one and nothing is "perfect". So many women these days go around thinking there is this white horse fairy tale, fantasy la la magical tale BS, so many women think there is this magical guy and it's like to a lot of these women poof this super magical guy is just going to show up, whisk her off on this fantasy horse and magically have this "perfect" life. Why can't women understand that those child books they read as kids about the prince "charming" is just pure fantasy... Doesn't exist!!!! GAWD SINGLE WOMEN GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS, HE'S NOT GOING TO BE "PERFECT", NEITHER ARE YOU!!! Men aren't just trash and we don't just come and go!!!!!! Sincerely, The irritated guy
02/28/2012 5:06PM
Tell him i'm a virgin!!!
I think she most certainly tell him she is a virgin. Why you must ask? Come on people it's 2012! What if this guy is a freak in the sack or likes it rough? You don't wanna be a virgin and get NAILED if you know what I mean..... Your first time as a female isn't so pleasant in the beginning and you will want him to go slow soooooo in my opinion she should tell him. Vanessa Cunningham Age 26 From Castle Rock, Co
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