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OPP: Taken Advantage Of By Family

Today’s OPP came from Sarah:
YI!!! I'm a hair stylist and I'm sick and tired of certain members of my family using me for free services and product. Don't get me wrong, I love cutting hair and I'm happy to give discounts or occasional freebies to people close to me. But cutting hair is how I pay my rent and I can't work for free all the time. Yet my sister and her husband and their boys come to me every month and never pay. My sister says things like, "come over this weekend and I'll cook you dinner", or "let's go to the movies- my treat." A home cooked meal and a movie doesn't make up for all the free haircuts I give them, or the color that I do for my sister, or the shampoo that she grabs on her way out the door! Am I wrong in thinking they're using me or is it just my family duty to service their hair styling needs?
First off, Slacker had to start by saying, stop asking us to DJ your weddings because what they do on a day to day basis is completely different from DJ’s at a club. In other words, they are personality jocks, not disc jockeys. To get to what Sarah had to say, he thinks they are taking advantage of her but like she said, is it her duty?
Our producer Dave has a cousin that is a CPA and like clock work family members will flock to him, dropping off their taxes and they won’t even think twice about paying him for his service.
I think it’s just a natural thing to help out your family, but taking the shampoo is where it starts to go wrong. That’s where they are taking advantage of her because they are taking away from her business. They are taking too much and not returning a whole lot. Sarah should just be honest with them and share the fact that maybe it’s just hurting her business and can’t afford to give out all this free stuff, but still mention she would like to help them out from time to time.
Do you think Sarah is being taken advantage of? Can she tell her family no and if so, how?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie
Remember when Doug and Carrie try to take advantage of Arthur after he wins $2,500 at Bingo:

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01/18/2012 4:34PM
OPP: Taken Advantage Of By Family
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01/18/2012 6:47PM
How to stop this?
How do you stop this? I wish i knew. I currently want an answer. I was living with a guy planning our wedding. After finding out he cheated once I forgave him, We did split up and I kissed another man yes only a kiss. So after we worked things out and were moving forward we received a call that another girl was pregnant by him come to find out that was false after I forgave him again and said we could go through this together and I would stand by him. One day he took me to hospital to visit my aunt who was in a coma he left me there I called numerous times and he answered a few times and when he did he said I'll be there he never showed up until the next day when I asked where were you what happened, he told me I got married. Yes he married another woman while we were together and planning our own wedding. As of today he tells me it was a mistake and wants to be with me he is just scared. He asked me to help him with his bills for the place we lived together. And yes I did i paid the rent and the power bill. We sneak around to see each other and it hurts to do this. I love him but don't know how to move forward and let him go My head tells me to walk away my heart tells me differently.I recently spent money on a date for us a room and i thought was special and a step forward but come to find out he is still with her living together in our house and I found out he is telling me one thing is he telling her another. Is there hope for a single lady my age? How do you walk away? How do you say goodbye? Is the bitter ball my first step? How do you walk away from someone I asked to marry me. Is there hope? Slacker and Steve help
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