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OPP: Stripper Pole


Today’s OPP comes from Brian…
For my birthday my girlfriend bought a pole-dancing kit off the Internet. I guess she practiced her routine all day long and thought I'd be thrilled because I go to strip clubs with my friends. I thought it made her look cheap and told her to trash the pole. I later apologized and told her I didn't want her behaving like the girls in the clubs. I know she worked hard and thought she was doing something sexy but it was almost like she was trying to hard. I think every girl has their own sexiness about them and this just wasn’t for her. She’s all upset at me and thinks I’m not attracted to her. I can’t get her to realize that I still find her sexy, just not hanging off a pole. What do I say to her now?


Slacker says guys go to strip clubs because our girls aren’t there. Same reason guys watch porn, ride a motorcycle, etc…
Steve believes that when you’re in a relationship, it is different. Guys like watching women that are paid to be objectified. By poll dancing, stripping posing for photographs or whatever!  
They both think that Brian reacted poorly and damaged his girls’ ego. You have to appreciate the efforts of your significant other, even if it’s not what you’re expecting.
How you ever tried for something sexy and missed the mark?
I took some pics one time. That was a long time ago. The shoot was fun, but I never really checked out the photos once I had them in my possession. After the relationship was over, I sealed them in an envelope and gave them to the woman who participated. End of story. In today’s ease of access through the internet and smart phones, I wouldn’t dare do something like that again…

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern 

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07/05/2012 4:57PM
OPP: Stripper Pole
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07/05/2012 5:20PM
Stripper Pole OPP
I think he needs to tell her what sort of things she has done or worn that were sexy to him or things he pictures in his head that he thinks would be sexy on her or things that would be sexy to him if she did. Don't make her feel bad for trying something new, she is trying to be creative and spice things up. Focus on what she already does that he enjoys. Share a fantasy with her that he wants her to fulfill. Maybe go to the store with her and pick out something he would like to see her wear (so she can get her size so he doesn't get in trouble with that too) or something he would like to try with her. Whatever he does he needs to try to apologize and let her know that he appreciates her trying something new. He needs to do something to make her feel sexy again and let her know that he loves the way she looks and the things she does for him in the bedroom.
07/18/2012 3:48PM
she needs to realize reality
She needs to realize that ur not with a stripper or "internet" star, ur with her. Ur obviously attracted to her cuz ur in a relationship. I think u need to tell her that. I realize she tried to do something sexy but she also needs to look at her look on strippers, and UR look on strippers. If u think their trashy then shes 100% gonna look trashy. a good tip is to Let her know that shes sexier and more beautiful than any stripper in the world
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