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OPP: Spanking Kids

Today’s OPP comes from Tina:
A friend was watching my kids over the weekend and when I went to pick them up, she said they had not listened and didn’t behave. When we got home, I gave them a spanking for misbehaving. My husband doesn’t agree with spanking so he got all upset and said that hitting the kids doesn’t teach them anything. First, it’s not like I was HITTING them! It’s was a spanking. Second, I completely disagree with him. When I did something wrong, I got a smack or the belt and I learned the difference between right and wrong real quick. If you ask me, that’s the problem with the world today. We let kids get away with everything and they never learn a real lesson. Please help me tell my husband that time-outs don’t work all the time and sometimes kids need to know who is in charge.
Slacker and Steve grew up similarly. They were alter boys, went to church, had the same conservative parents, but Slacker respected authority and Steve was a spray painting juvenile.
Slacker remembers a new study that came out just recently that said spanking is not a good thing, but it’s like telling someone red wine is bad for them because it causes cancer, but wait, it helps with this and so on. It’s just a tough debate to have because it could work for one person, but not the other. He’s not morally opposed to it and has spanked his son before… Time-outs weren’t cutting it for Noah so Glau and Slacker agreed it was the right thing to do. He even remembers a time he went out to a friend’s and this guy’s kid went up to another kid and hit him. The dad grabbed the kid by the arm in front of everybody, smacked him and said, “How many times have I told you, we don’t hit?” That is such a mixed message… So what is the way to do things? Spanking or no spanking?  
Can Tina get her husband to agree with her?
I don’t think I will ever spank my children. I was never spanked as a child, I was never grounded as a child and I am probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am not a bad kid, a rebel, nor anything like that. There’s nothing on my personal record, I go to church and all that normal stuff. I’m with Tina’s husband on this one… Sorry.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/07/2012 4:22PM
OPP: Spanking Kids
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02/07/2012 4:56PM
Spanking kids
I was spanked as a child and I now have a very stubborn 3 year old daughter. I first tried the 3 min timeouts, because "kids can't tell a difference in time" but that did not work very well. With serious offenses I put her in timeout for like 30 min or an hour! And she gets it! Kids can tell the difference between 3 min or 30 min to an hour. I have tried the spanking thing a few times but I just do not like to do it. I put her in a spot where it is very boring for her and dependIng on the offense will determine how long she sits. I get frustrated and my mother just tells me that I have to be even more stubborn than she is :)
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