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OPP: Son is a Pervert

Her 4-year-old son already likes girls…but he is taking it a little too far! She needs your help correcting this behavior before it leads to serious consequences when he gets older. 

Yi! My 4 year old son has a horrible habit that I can't seem to break him of. When he was two, I thought it was funny but now I just find it embarrassing!  He makes a habit of looking under the skirts and dresses of any little girls or grown women he comes across - anywhere, anytime. The worst part is that his dad still eggs him on, even though he knows it upsets me. So, now, if I try to correct his behavior he completely ignores me. Any suggestions?

Nobody was more respectful of authority that Slacker when he was a kid. Even security guards. He was too scared of the consequences!

Slacker also thinks she needs to parent her husband!

What advice do you have for Danica?

He'll grow out of it! Hopefully...

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern
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11/12/2012 4:47PM
OPP: Son is a Pervert
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