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OPP: Snooped Through His Phone


Melissa may have violated her boyfriend’s privacy…but she found something she shouldn’t have!
She’s coming on the air with us, but here is Melissa's OPP:

Yi!!! Help...I have done a horrible thing. I broke the code of trust and snooped through my boyfriend’s cell phone while he was in the shower. I really had no reason to do this but still felt the need to do it anyway. Well much to my surprise I found several text messages or should I say "sext messages" that were exchanged between him and another girl. I feel stuck because our relationship is still very new & I don't want to believe that he could be messing around with someone but how can I confront him about this without looking like a bat shit crazy woman? Should I confront him about it or continue on like I know nothing?? Please Help!


Slacker calls it investigating...

Steve says women do this all the time!

Melissa reached out to the guys on fb and here we are...
She saw a text that was very sexual between him and another girl. She asked him if there was anybody else amd he said nope, just her. So Melissa took it one step further and wrote down the number of the text and then called the number and she swears she can hear him in the background. Melissa knows she's wrong and so is he. She hopes he's not sleeping with other people.

Slacker wants to know what the sext was and she said he wanted things done to his "Daddy Parts"...

Steve feels bad for Melissa and Slacker wants to know why she is still dating this guy? He also wants to know if she's desperate? Go punch this guy in the face.

Melissa just wants this guy to "Man-Up" and admit that he wants an open relationship...

Should she confront him? How would you deal with this situation?

I think she should just bail on this guy. He gots both hands in the cookie jar and he'll just keep adding cookies if the jar has room...
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern
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09/27/2012 4:26PM
OPP: Snooped Through His Phone
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09/27/2012 8:15PM
Leave with Elegance
Melissa, You sound like a very nice girl that has been treated very disrespectfully, but yet there is no need for you to confront him. He is not worth any hurt feelings on your part. This is a new relationship and if he does not feel compelled to respect the agreement of exclusivity that exists between the two of you right now, he will not respect it several months down the road either. He is not an honorable man. Do not do youself the disservice of confronting him and diminishing your dignity. You just need to gracefully and firmly remove yourself from this relationship and end your association with this person. Forever. I am not saying you should "put your tail between you legs" and go away feeling hurt and slighted. What I am saying is that you tell him this does not work for you and thats it. And do not do yourself another disservice by giving him another chance. He blew it. And he blew it big. I wish you all the best. NoCo Girl
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