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OPP: Set Him Up?


Today's OPP; Camille’s best friend has never meet her fiancé.  She wants to arrange the meet up by having her friend hit on her fiancé to see if he will take the bait… 

Steve thinks that a lot of women do this! And Slacker is trying to convince her that it is a terrible plan… his analogy is “would you steal $100… verses if you found the $100”.  Slacker doesn’t think that she has thought this all the way through, what is going to happen when they are actually introduced… Both Slacker and Steve think that is unfair, he is the target about to get hit, this is a set up for disaster. 

What advice do you have?

I think this is a horrible idea, why do you need to test your fiancé before you are going to get married? And worse, she wants to test him with her best friend.  I do not think this will go down well. 

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06/20/2013 4:20PM
OPP: Set Him Up?
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06/20/2013 7:28PM
Do it
I think its a good idea cuz if ur BFF just finds out after the wedding or at the wedding that could ruin your friendship! If u dont let her know ahead of time ur bff could think that u were keeping secrets from her!
06/20/2013 7:29PM
Dont test him!
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