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OPP: One Night Stand Baby

Today’s OPP comes from Krista:
Yi Slacker & Steve!
Brad and I have been dating for two months. Everything up to this point has been great. On Friday, he told me he is about to become a father. A woman he had a one-night stand with got pregnant and is expecting his son within days. I swore I would never date a man with baggage or baby momma drama, but Brad is great, kind, sweet and treats me like a princess. My friends are split on whether or not I should stay with him. What do you think? Is it worth the hassle?
Slacker started off by saying he doesn’t blame the guy for holding this kind of information back. If you are in a brand new relationship and you think this person could be the one, you don’t want to just roll in and be like hey, I have a kid on the way. In his words, “You have to let the hook set before you drop a bomb like that.” Slacker knows any women would be mad at him for telling, but if you were in his shoes you would probably feel a different way. He shouldn’t have to become a monk while he’s waiting for her to have the baby. Steve agrees with what Slacker had to say about women being mad at him, but had to add on that most women will think, if you could lie about this, what else could he be keeping from her?
Slacker and Steve are right. I would think he could be keeping other things from me, but I can also see what Slacker is saying by putting yourself in his position. That’s got to be a hard thing to deal with. My brother was in a relationship was he found out he had an eight month old daughter from a one night stand. It was so hard for him to tell his girlfriend but lucky for him it didn’t bother her. Unfortunately, they didn’t work out, but to this day she still comes over to hang out with his little girl. With that said, I think Krista should continue to see where things go with this guy. It’s only been two months. We all have baggage and make mistakes.
So, what do you think Krista should do in this situation? Can you give her any advice?

Peace. Love - Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/13/2012 4:33PM
OPP: One Night Stand Baby
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