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OPP: No Spouses At The Holiday Party

Today our OPP came from Rebecca:
Yi Slacker and Steve! We have been told we cannot bring our spouses or significant others to our holiday office party on December 17th. Our bosses say we need to cut costs so the bash is for employees only. This is going to cause a huge problem with my fiancé. He is extremely jealous and already thinks I'm having an affair with a man that I work with. When I tell him that he can't come to the party he's going to go nuts. I love him, but I also know he will automatically assume I'm taking my 'lover' instead of him. What can I do to make him feel more at ease?
At first Slacker thought, why can’t you just say no? But in reality, there is this political. You want to be a part of the crowd, but if he already has suspicions and she says she has to go because of the company, then it already sounds fishy. Especially when you are going to be with the guy he thinks you’re cheating with, you are including an unlimited supply of alcohol, and in a study it’s been said 82% of the time your significant other will cheat with someone that’s within their work place. It’s just not a good mix.
Slacker wouldn’t even go if it was on a Saturday. To him that’s his personal time. If the party was Monday thru Friday, he would definitely show up because then it’s business. If he has to give up his own time with his family to go to a party, it’s not going to happen.
Steve doesn’t know what to tell Rebecca. It’s clear she either has to make a personal decision or business decision.
If I was in Rebecca’s shoes, I would go to the holiday party. I would tell him straight up what she told us in the e-mail and if he doesn’t believe any of it, then he’s never going to have that trust and it’s time to move on. How can he not understand with this economy there is going to be budget cuts? Just let it go man! Good luck to you Rebecca!
What advice do you have for Rebecca?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/09/2011 5:23PM
OPP: No Spouses At The Holiday Party
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