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OPP: Neighbor Took My Kid Without My Permission


Today’s OPP comes to us from Cynthia…
Yi! A neighbor took the kids down the road for an ice cream the other day yet never even thought to ask me first if I'd be okay with that. I found out they'd gone when I went to look for them and another parent told me they were at Dairy Queen. I know she was trying to do something nice for the kids but I'm very upset that she didn't talk to me first and I want to know if I'm overreacting? What if they'd been in an accident and I had no idea they were going? Or what if we'd had plans and she made us late because she had our kids?
 Slacker and Steve were just getting their feet wet in this topic agreeing that it wasn’t cool to do. The gesture was very nice but she needed to ask Cynthia first. Steve says this happened to him when he was a kid and it was the greatest day ever…until he got home and his mom was so mad at the person that took him and his sister that it pretty much ruined the whole thing.  But he understands now why she was so worried.  Just as people seemed to be taking Cynthia’s side, one of the next callers was the neighbor! Debi says that Cynthia shouldn’t be angry, she should be thanking her for doing something nice since she is never around for her kids!

What do you think, is she overreacting?

Yikes! I don’t think this neighborhood is prepared for the cat fight that might happen now.  I agree that it was nice of Debi to get the kids some ice cream but she should have asked Cynthia first. I was going to say that if Debi couldn’t find Cynthia then she should have just went alone and brought the ice cream back, but now I’m wondering if it would have been ethical to leave the kids “alone”.  Tough call…
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07/12/2012 5:30PM
OPP: Neighbor Took My Kid Without My Permission
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07/12/2012 5:36PM
silly super stitions
i have to spit if i see a black cat or something bad happens within a week .. um last week i think my boyfriend and i saw one he spit i didn't and yesterday my friends mom knows my mom real well so she told my mom about me and my boyfriend . p.s. i m not aloud to date im 12 years old
07/12/2012 10:34PM
The negibor needs to ask the mom like what if the mom like freaked out and like called the police the negibor could have been ereested
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