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OPP: Naked Teen Neighbor

Today’s OPP comes from Andy:
Yi guys! I just moved in to a new complex in Lakewood. I have become friends with several of my neighbors including a woman named Kate. She is a fun, hard working single mom. Lately, I have noticed her teen daughter hanging out with a new boy. I walked by their apartment the other day and glanced in. Kate's daughter and her friend were both naked. Should I say something to Kate or not? Is it any of my business? Would I be a bad neighbor if I didn't say something because I know if it was my daughter I would want to know what's going on when I'm not home? Thank you in advance. –Andy
Slacker and Steve think Andy comes off as a creep. He is way too overly invested in his neighbors already. “He’s noticed that this daughter is hanging out with a new boy and you don’t just notice that unless you make a point to stare out at the apartment.” Slacker gets information from his neighbors when they go away so maybe he will keep an eye out on the place but he’s not always standing there with his binoculars. Creepy or not, he did see something, so the question is, would you want to know?
Steve asked Slacker if he would want to know and all he could think about was how far off his kids are from that point. Noah is only five years old. However, Slacker is a control freak and would most likely want to know, but if he found out from his neighbor it would open up a huge can of worms… Like, what are you doing staring into my house?
Would I want to know? Ugh, this is a tough question for me to answer. I completely agree with what Slacker was saying… Why are you staring into my home? I mean, that’s so wrong. If you see something, look away! Stop staring! If it’s completely obvious, I would see why it should be brought to my attention, but if you see someone naked in their home and they leave the blinds open… Well, it’s their fault. In Andy’s case, I think she will find out eventually. No need to go prying into their lives already. I guess my answer would be no, I wouldn’t want to know…
Should Andy say anything? What advice do you have for him?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/26/2012 4:23PM
OPP: Naked Teen Neighbor
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