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OPP: My Mom Calls Me Fat

Today, our OPP comes from Brooke:
Yi! I don't know when this started but in the last few months I have begun to notice it a lot. My mother constantly passes remarks about me which are hurtful. She always does it jokingly but it still hurts. For example, I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 4 years and in front of him, my mother said 'Josh you should have found someone slimmer and prettier than my daughter' and then went on to tell me not to wear short dresses because I have fat legs. Other times she would make fun of my nose or my teeth. I usually laugh it off but now it taking its toll. Whenever I am eating she asks stuff like 'are you sure you want to have another?' I am 5'4 and 125 lbs. I know I am not thin but it is still hurtful. It has gotten to a point where I skip a meal a day so that I can lose weight and I never feel confident about the way I look. I don't know how to tell her to stop. We have argued over the fact that she is being mean but she still doesn't stop. Please help me.
Thank you,
Slacker finds it shocking to think that the one person that should always have your back, can be such a ‘B’. What’s even more shocking is that it seems to happen more often than not. Brooke’s mom took it too far though, talking about her problem spots in front of her fiancé. Slacker says if he’s learned anything about women, it’s that we all tend to struggle with the same problem areas and we don’t like to hear people point them out, so for Brooke’s mom to do that is just cruel. He wonders if it could be jealousy. Could it be that her body is falling apart so she is taking it out on her daughter?
Steve says she should just cut her mother off, but Slacker disagrees, because either way you are always looking for that approval. Although this is slightly different, Slacker’s parents don’t understand anything about his radio career, but he tries everyday hoping for that approval.
Although you may not remember, a while back Slacker and Steve did a topic on the air about a mother telling her daughter that she should head back to gym because her butt was getting too flat. Yeah… That was me. My mom has always told me I should hit the gym and pointed out the parts of my body I am insecure about. To this day, she continues to say those things and I still have no idea as to why she does, but it sticks with me and I can’t seem to forget those words. However, I have the amazing support of my friends that tell me I look like a stick and should actually, probably eat something. That’s all I need to get me by.

Do you have any advice for Brooke?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/03/2012 4:41PM
OPP: My Mom Calls Me Fat
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