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OPP: Muffin Top

Today’s OPP came from Emily:
Yi guys! I don't know if this is as much an OPP as it is a vent but here it goes. What is it with people who obviously can't fit into a pair of pants yet insist on wearing them in public? It grosses me out to have to stranger butt crack and muffin top yet I'm subjected to it daily! Who do we have to talk to in order to get a "Muffin and Bun" law passed? I want to be able to write people tickets.
Slacker and Steve have no real advice, but they did have other examples that they would outlaw. Slacker says if you’re over 30, wearing a flat bill hat off to the side with the gold seal still on it and pretending to be a thug, stop it. You are not a thug and you look like a tool. Slacker will either punch you in the face or, at the least, write you a ticket. Steve would write the “female-tent-maternity dress” ticket. Especially on the women who have rockin’ bods! You know the ones, the elastic is just below the mommy parts. Looks like a moo-moo!

Other fashion no-no’s discussed:
If you wear a cycling jersey that’s a size too small because you need to lose a few pounds, Slacker and Steve will applaud you for your efforts, but not your fashion sense. News Flash! You’re not Lance Armstrong. Stop testing the elasticity of the material!
Same goes for people running on the side of the road with no shirt on or a sports bra, don’t do it! You are not ready yet!

How about those parents that put the harness/leash on their kids and take them out to the mall! Seriously, I kennel train my dog, but I would never put a harness on my kid!

The other display that I find disturbing is the rubber pair of daddy parts that pickup truck owners put on the hitch receiver for everyone to admire! WTF? Do you really think I want to see your parts on display?
What fashion faux pas do you wish to see banned?

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern 

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05/25/2012 4:49PM
OPP: Muffin Top
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