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OPP: Mom's Mid-Life Crisis

Watching a parent go through a mid-life crisis is difficult and today’s OPP wants to know if he should step in. Charles' mom had him pretty young so she really did not have a chance to experience her twenties.  Charles is now grown and his mom is trying to get those days back during middle-age, wearing tube-tops and going clubbing.  Her behavior has making him uncomfortable and even making him a bit of a laughing stock. 

Slacker says, though his mom is in her seventies and will likely never do this, he would never be able to confront his own mom about something like this since it is such a delicate situation and feelings could be very easily hurt. 

This is a tough is her life and she is just trying to experience some of what she missed in her twenties but if it is really that much of an issue, something needs to be said.  Delicately, of course.  Even if Charles seeks the help of one of her friends to guide her back towards age-appropriate activities, it has to be done if he thinks her "mid-life crisis" has gone too far.

What would you do if one of your parents put you in this position?

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07/03/2012 4:38PM
OPP: Mom's Mid-Life Crisis
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07/18/2012 3:58PM
list of wut u could do
1. I would wait a while a let her realize her real age. 2. Take a lot of pictures of her clubbing in tube tops and show her how the world is seeing her. 3. Tell her straight up that u dont approove. 4. Tell her u knocked up a girl and she needs to start acting like a grandma (goofy one dont really do this) 4. Help her realize that shes not in her twenties and she needs to start acting more appropriate for her age.
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