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OPP: Marry The Wrong Man?

Today’s OPP came from Courtney:
Yi guys…here is my OPP: I have a nice, educated, sweet loving guy. He loves and respects me. He also sees me as future wife material and has mentioned his dreams of the future and they always have me tagged in them. I love him and enjoy our time together now, but I don't see him husband material. I'm 25, he is 31. I'm not looking to get married for at least 4 more years, and having him in my life right now is amazing. I'm having a moral dilemma. Obviously, if I told him how I feel about him, then it would crush him and he'd break things off. I've been tempted to do so, but at the same time I have another side saying..."well, maybe you'll change your mind down the road....just maybe you will marry him." What would you do?
It’s so easy to stay in a relationship where you know someone will care for you and love you for all your life, whether you truly love them or not. But… In the end, that’s not fair to him or to you. I think it’s time Courtney lets this man off his leash. This is just another case of settling, which is what Steve mentions a lot of the time and it’s true… Kind of like what I said above, I can see why people do. It’s really hard to let go of that, but why would you want to be in a relationship where you know you will never love that person, at least in that way, where you probably will resent them one day… You will feel stuck… Although he would never know you don’t love him this way, why would you ever want to live with that over your head when you know he could have all he ever wanted and you could, as well? It’s time to let go. It’s hard, but it’s the right and the best thing to do…

What advice do you have for Courtney?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/22/2012 10:02PM
OPP: Marry The Wrong Man?
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