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OPP: Married But In Love With Two Men

Today’s OPP is from Candy…
Yi guys,
I need help!!!!! Over the weekend some things happened between my husband, his best friend and me that have led me to emailing you. Let’s just say you would probably never find 3 people closer to one another than us 3. Most people who know me call them Husband 1 and Husband 2 because we all spend so much time together. Well now the problem is that our BFF (Husband 2) has made it known to me that he loves me and wants me (that way). He is morally against cheating but I'm not sure how often my actual husband would enjoy him joining us in the relations department. As a woman with 2 men who love and dote on her in different but complimentary ways it’s hard not to love and want both men in all ways. Problem is it’s like a reverse polygamist relationship, is it not? I love my husband dearly and he fulfills a huge part of my life but where he lacks, our BFF makes up and I love him just the same. I've heard if you love two men choose the second because you never really loved the 1st but that’s just not true in this situation. I want to be free to have what I want from both without hurting anyone. I realize this is selfish but our BFF has resolved himself to believe that he will never find the right girl and is supposed to move into our home in August. My question I guess then would be what do I do? I love him and asked that he at least try to get a GF so he wouldn't want me so much but honestly that makes me cry I don't want him seeing other women any more so than I would my own husband. Help!!!! I'm so torn.... I love 2 men and I want to spend my life pleasing both! What do I do?
Slacker made good use of the word “polyandrous” defining this situation…probably had to look it up! He doesn’t think that Husband Number One has any clue this is going on! Slacker is way too jealous of a guy to see this working out if he was in either of the men’s shoes. If he isn’t enough for his woman, then peace out! She can go find 2 other men…
Steve just feels like he has to be defensive about this OPP. WTF?
Producer Dave talked to Cany and Husband Number One is aware of the situation and is afraid of the outcome. Candy isn’t sure if she will have more intense feelings at the end of the day.
What advice do you have for Candy?
Stop the madness! Get it out in the open and figure out what the hell you want, Candy! This is truly a recipe for disaster…This woman will probably end up alone in the end and have to find Husband #3!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern
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10/25/2012 4:36PM
OPP: Married But In Love With Two Men
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