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OPP: Manager Skimming Off The Top

Today’s OPP comes from Candy:
YI!!! I work at a pretty expensive restaurant and I recently discovered that one of my managers has been stealing. I think she knows that I know and because of this, has been making sure I get the best tables night after night. I love the extra cash because it has allowed me to get out of debt and start saving again. On the other hand, I feel guilty because the restaurant's owners are the nicest people in the world and I feel I should tell them what's going on. I'm torn and don't know what to do. If you were me, what would you do?
If Slacker and Steve were her and discovered a manager was stealing, they probably wouldn’t say anything, especially if it was benefiting them in some way. They think she should continue to cash in.
Man, this is a tough one for me. Knowing myself, if I discovered someone was stealing, I wouldn’t have the guts to tell the person they were stealing from just because I would be afraid of the consequences if the person stealing found out and decided to get revenge. In Candy’s case, I would be especially scared since she thinks the person knows she found out. So, I would take the extra cash and play dumb if ever asked. At least she gets some benefit out of it. Right?
What do you think? Do you have any advice for Candy?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/08/2012 11:31PM
OPP: Manager Skimming Off The Top
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02/09/2012 4:22PM
Cash it in big!!!
Cash in on the money, unless you would get promoted to manager by getting her fired, and the paycheck is larger as a manager!!! So once again, cash it in!!!
04/14/2015 6:28PM
Your honesty could go a long way.
It sounds like you're really fond of the owners. Do they like you too - so much that they would have as much praise for you as you do for them? What's the relationship between the owners and the supervisor? Is yours better? Do you have the experience or tenure for a promotion? Am owner being able to trust their employees with their company profits is a big deal! If they have a bonded relationship work the thief, they might feel compelled to give her another chance, which could leave you in a VERY bad position, HOWEVER,if they already know someone is stealing but they don't know who, you could get blamed for it. Don't think someone who is stealing and even giving you "hush" perks won't plow over you to save their own a$$. If you do tell, you might want to mention your temptation not to tell by what she did and that she knows you know and that you're afraid of retaliation, bad tables, unfair treatment, less take-home pay and tips all as consequences for coming clean. Make sure they know that you could have kept quiet and had it quite well. The other, more devious plan would be to secretly film her in the act, have evidence against her doing it. THEN, steal for yourself so that's it becomes noticeable. When the sh¡t hits the fan, you have evidence a lone thief. She'll take the fall for get own bad behavior and for whatever you got out of it too. If she's allow to skim, you might as well too. Just be smarter than she was. DON'T GET CAUGHT!
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