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OPP: Made a Scene at Work

Being embarrassed at work sucks…especially when your significant other is to blame! That’s exactly what happened to today’s OPP and he needs your help getting his home life and work life separate again:

My girlfriend showed-up to my office yesterday to make a scene.  I am so embarrassed.  She showed up and confronted a female co-worker of mine thinking I was cheating on her.  She made a fifteen minute scene right there in the middle of my office.  I couldn't get her out of there. After she left I spent the next fifteen minutes apologizing profusely to my co-workers.  I was so upset I left work early. Has anyone else ever had this happen before? Are my co-workers going to think less of me now? Should I break up with her? What do I do now?

Slacker had something kind of similar happen at a job once...but with his mom!  He was the only person who worked at this store other than his boss so there were no serious repercussions, but in an office, where there are likely many more people around, it is a very different environment

Most people were saying the same thing: unless she has a really good reason for creating such an ordeal, dump her.  I would probably suggest something similar...though I would also want to take into consideration how long they have been together as well as how close he is to the co-worker he is suspected of cheating with, it is possible things could look different from the outside.

What would you do if your significant other made a scene like this while you were trying to do your job?

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07/24/2012 4:44PM
OPP: Made a Scene at Work
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