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OPP: Living With The Other Woman


Today’s OPP comes from Ben...

My life is spiraling out of control! My wife and I split up after she caught me kissing another woman. It meant nothing. We were all at a party and I was drunk. She still threw me out. I had nowhere to go, so I contacted the other woman and she is letting me stay with her. I only wanted a place to stay, but now, she's made it clear that sex is part of the deal. She is a lot older than me. I still love my wife and would do anything to get her back. I told her ' the kiss' wasn't cheating because I was drunk and the woman cornered me in the bathroom and shut the door. I was helpless. You must know what I'm talking about. I'm sure you've been there. What do I do?


Slacker thinks this OPP is going to be more about yelling at a dud who is making bad decisions. He wants to know what this guy is thinking!! Call a buddy or go to the YMCA! Don’t call the woman involved! There are a million other places you can go. Slacker has had this situation happen to him, but he’s assessed it based on his relationship status. It’s either been NO! or no? Put your hand in front of your face. Put your hand in front of HER face. Exit the bathroom. Something! That said, he thinks Ben is an idiot! There are at least eight levels of this OPP. You can call and yell about any one of them. Can you use alcohol as an excuse to kiss someone? Slacker thinks you can, maybe…Slacker apologizes to Ben, but if you claim to be in love with your wife, be a man! Slacker seems to believe Ben is trying to be a victim in this case. Every other sentence sounds like Ben is being victimized.

Steve thinks Ben is done. He thinks Ben kind of wanted it to be over. He’s totally trying to play victim!

Have you ever been cornered by someone trying to kiss you? What did you do?
I have been trapped by a co-worker in a service elevator! She tried to lay one on me and I couldn’t get out fast enough! She also tried to catch me in a walk-in cooler once. Eventually, she quit the job she had and I didn’t have to sweat it anymore. Why not just ask me to go have a drink? There was an exhibitionist inside that particular woman, I’m sure of it! I found it to be flattering, but there’s a time and place for everything…

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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06/18/2012 4:53PM
OPP: Living With The Other Woman
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