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OPP: Kissing Kids On The Lips

Today’s OPP comes to us from Sara. She writes:
I’ve been dating Eric for about two months and I like him a lot. But his parents came into town to stay with him last weekend and they did something that was so awkward, I don’t even know if I can continue to date him. We were all hanging out at his apartment and it started getting late and his parents wanted to go to bed. They said goodnight and told me how nice it was to meet me and I gave them a hug, which was fine. But then when they went to say good night to Eric, BOTH parents gave him a kiss on the lips!! It’s not like there was tongue or anything, but it was definitely disturbing and caught me off guard. I wanted to say something to Eric, but I felt too weird and he acted like this was totally normal. Is this totally normal? Am I right to be grossed out? Do you think I can get him to stop doing that – at least in front of me? 
Slacker had no problem with what Eric did. He said his parents weren’t affectionate growing up, but he can’t imagine not kissing his children. Steve said that most children have a time period where kissing your parents becomes weird for the child. He remembered the time his mom went for a kiss and he brushed her off. Steve said that Slacker better be prepared for his kids to shy away from kissing him.  
At one point in the conversation, Slacker said Steve needed to get over his fear of kissing and said that he would kiss Steve to show him it was no big deal…Steve didn’t go for it.
Do you think Eric did is that big of a deal? How old were you when you stopped kissing your parents?

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08/22/2012 8:46PM
OPP: Kissing Kids On The Lips
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08/25/2012 12:20AM
kissing parents
She needs 2 get over it!! I am 35 yrs old and have been w/the same man 4 20 yrs! I even gave my father in law kisses on the lips! It just shows how much u luv ur inlaws & how much u r trusted
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