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OPP: Kid Calls Me By First Name

Yi! My 15 year old daughter started calling me by my first name as a way of getting under my skin- which she did- and I can't get her to stop.  The first time she did it I was a bit surprised but laughed and said "very funny" and went about my business.  Then she started calling me Kate instead of mom at least once a day.  When I told her to stop because I didn't like it she started doing it more.  Now Kate is the only way she refers to me and I'm really hurt over this.  The problem is, I don't think she could care less how she's making me feel. Is there any way to fix this?

Slacker thinks this is incredibly disrespectful. If his kids were to suddenly start calling him "Michael," he would tell them to move out! Producer Dave actually calls his mom by her first name, and he only started doing it because it's a way to get her attention! When they're in a store, all sons and daughters are yelling out mom to get their mother's attention. Instead, he yells out her first name because that works. Either way, no matter what age, Slacker is against this. Steve thinks it makes sense in a crowded area like Dave does, but once they're out of there, it should revert back to mom. 

I'd never call my parents by their first name unless I was joking and just trying to get their attention. I wouldn't have even dared to do that when I was 15, either! I'm not really sure how Kate can fix this, but I think it's pretty clear that when her daughter sees how it makes her feel, she wants to do it more. Maybe Kate should try to go the other way with this. For me, I think it would feel awkward to call my mom Donna. I'd want to revert back to just calling her Mom. So if Kate stops showing her daughter how much it bothers her, maybe she'll go back to calling her Mom again. That's the only advice I can muster, sorry!

What should Kate do? Is it only Kate and Slacker that think this is disrespectful?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

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12/07/2011 3:58PM
OPP: Kid Calls Me By First Name
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