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OPP: Keeping Reminders Of Ex

Here’s Today’s OPP:
My girlfriend is the best ever and I told her ultimately that I want her happy, even if it doesn't make me happy... well, how would you guys feel if your significant other still has pictures with other guys' arms around her and memorabilia that says stuff like "Beth likes 'so-and-so'" - I just think about in the future when it comes to having a family - what if one of the kids came up and asked "Who's so-and-so that I saw on this box?"? I'd think different if it were just pics of friends hanging out and people that she had not been intimate with in the past - and I only mean pics that are clearly from that point in time. Like I said, I don't EVER want to be controlling to her, and I'm never going to ask her to get rid of this stuff, so how do I deal with this easily, since I see it over and over? She shows me stuff all the time and I don't want to be rude. My ways of dealing with it are: Nicotine gum, cleaning and petting her pets - as silly as these ideas sound, they kind of work, but only kind of - any other suggestions? Thanks.
Slacker has nothing of his past relationships. But he has gone to peoples houses and seen there memories of high school, and he doesn’t have any of that because he was dating someone at that time. Steve doesn’t want to erase her memories but doesn’t think they shouldn’t be flaunted around. Keep your memories but don’t shove it in his face. Slacker wants to know if the situation can change, like if her past boyfriend died, does it make a difference.
I have all kinds of pictures in a box at home. Some of my pictures have past boyfriends in them, but mostly those pictures are with a group of people. I got rid of the pictures of just me and my ex just because I didn’t want them anymore. If it is bugging him this much then he needs to talk to her and maybe ask her to at least put the pictures away. Yet if this relationship is serious and she is still reminiscing about past relationships then he may need to rethink the relationship. If he really doesn’t want to say anything my best advice is take her on an amazing date, take lots of pictures then fill the frames with the new pictures.
Do you have suggestions to help him deal, or should he say something to her?  
With Love-Intern Sarah

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03/08/2012 4:37PM
OPP: Keeping Reminders Of Ex
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