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OPP: Is It A Trap?

Today’s OPP comes from Ryan: 
Yi! I am writing because a woman has placed me in an awkward position. The woman, who is best friends with a woman I am casually dating, recently sent me a shot of her cleavage and then asked me to return the favor. I haven't as of yet and am not sure if I should tell the woman I am seeing about what her friend did. I have to admit. It kinda turned me on. Do you think they are testing me to see if I am faithful or did my secret admirer send it because she wants me?
Slacker and Steve say woman do this all the time. Slacker doesn’t think he is a victim because if he really wanted to be with the girl he would have said something to the friend and wouldn’t be writing the show for help. Steve thinks he is still the victim because he doesn’t know what to do because so he is asking for help. Slacker says if it is too easy to get, then it must be a trap.
Personally it depends on the girls. I would never have my best friend do that for me because I think it would be disrespecting my friend. I also would trust the guy I am dating and not try to test him. Yet I know some girls do this, so it does happen. I think he should just delete the picture and go on like nothing happened. If it continues I would tell the girl to stop. I wouldn’t lead both girls on this will just cause major problems in the future.
What do you think Ryan should do?
With Love- Intern Sarah
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04/30/2012 4:33PM
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