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Slacker & Steve's Blog

OPP: Husband Might Be Gay

She discovered a secret about her husband and she doesn’t know if it’s bad enough to run…or if she should stick by the man she vowed to spend the rest of her life with. 
Today’s OPP comes from Abi…
Yi! I caught my husband with another man a few weeks ago. I was at a client dinner and when I got home they were both on the couch with their shirts off and hands where they shouldn’t have been. Both immediately jumped up and the other guy ran out the door. My husband said he's not gay, he just has a 'sex addiction.' He's getting therapy, but I don’t know what to believe now. My brain is all over the place. Should I stick this out and support him or run?
You either choose to act on it or you don’t. When it's this bad, he's not sure if this would be his actions. Slacker has wanted relations so bad, but he’s never thought of doing that. Then he gives Steve a leering look, checking him out…
Slacker and Steve think guys are more cut and dry when it comes to relations and their preferences.
Steve feels she should be lucky she doesn’t have a lot invested. Most of the women Steve knows have kids and a decade or so in the marriage. They were blindsided by this same issue.
Slacker doesn’t know what else he would be expected to say. If she walked in on him with a girl…would he tell her he loves this woman or lie and tell her she needed CPR. Slacker has no idea what he would do if he walked into his house and his wife was with another girl… Although Steve did say he looked a bit excited about the idea. Let’s reverse the roles on this one!
What should Abi do now?
I tried to dump a girl once by telling her I had gay tendencies and she wanted to check it out further. Basically called my bluff! Sometimes it backfires as an exit strategy…Let this guy go! It’s the beginning of the end.
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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10/04/2012 4:27PM
OPP: Husband Might Be Gay
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10/08/2012 5:11PM
husband might be gay
She, should run and i should know. Cause, i think my husband gay too.
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