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OPP: He Didn't Defend Me

Today’s OPP came from Megan and she joined us live:

Yi Slacker & Steve! I really need some help because my friends are telling me I’m being crazy but I don’t think I am. Here’s the deal—my boyfriend and I were downtown over the weekend. We were crossing Market Street as we were leaving a bar and a guy slowed down in his car and yelled, “Get out of the way, you fat bitch!" My boyfriend didn’t stick up for me at all! He just laughed it off and said it wasn’t worth getting shot at or getting into a fist fight over. It completely changed my opinion of him and I lost all respect I had for him. To me, it really says a lot about his character and I can’t be with a coward that will never defend me. So, are my friends right? Can you please have some women call and tell me I’m not the crazy one! Thanks!

Slacker thinks it wouldn’t of happen if she would have just used the crosswalk. Steve thinks that she doesn’t even need a man. Slacker and Steve think that they would of waited till the car was down the street a little then yell so that way they were still the hero in the girls eyes, but the guy was far enough away that he wouldn’t hear. They both can understand though why she wants her partner to have her back. Slacker thinks it  is more manly when he is in control and doesn't over react.  

I can understand why Megan is upset. You want your guy to stand up for you and be your night and shinning armor. Yet I don’t think she should end her relationship because of this. I feel like she was unhappy in her relationship before this and she is just trying to find reasons to end it. She needs to do what is right for her and if this bugs her this much then she needs to either talk to her boyfriend or end it.
Do you think Megan should be upset because her boyfriend didn’t defend her?

With Love- Intern Sarah

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03/28/2012 4:38PM
OPP: He Didn't Defend Me
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10/11/2012 4:02PM
PP: He Didn't Defend Me
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