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OPP: Friend Won't Un-Friend The Ex

Today’s OPP is from Shannon:
Yi! I broke up with my boyfriend last week and was stunned to see that one of my good friends is still friends with him on Facebook. They continue to chat and post on each other's walls. I think it's totally wrong of my friend to remain close with my ex. It's like stabbing me in the back. Am I right or wrong? Isn't there an unwritten rule about this? Am I wrong if I ask my friend to kill her friendship with my ex?
-          Shannon
Slacker feels strongly about his friends being friends with his ex’s. For example, his ex-wife. That would bug him if say Steve was still friends with her. It’s sort of like she’s off limits, even if they just dated for a few months. When Slacker divorced his ex-wife, they were still running in the same crowd so they would bump into each other, which is why he gave up Lodo. Still, he couldn’t just tell people not to go to Lodo, even though it bugged him that after a while that he still kept getting people telling him that they bumped into her.
This may be a slightly different situation, but a while back my friend broke up with her boyfriend and she asked me to remove the tags I had of her in all the photos with him. I… didn’t remove the tags. It’s my facebook and my choice, so if she doesn’t want to see the pictures, don’t go to my page. They’re just memories. In this situation, I feel like her friend may have other motives and it depends really how good of friends you are if you can talk to her about it. Either way, I think she just has deal with it and move past it because she was the one that broke up with him, right? Come on now…
Have you gone through something like this?

Peace. Love - Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/01/2011 4:59PM
OPP: Friend Won't Un-Friend The Ex
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