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OPP: Drunk Driving

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When Katie and her boyfriend first starting dating, he drove drunk and she told him how much she disapproved of this. He promised to never do it again. The other night her boyfriend stumbled into the house after the bar. How did he get there? He drove his buddies car!!! Katie is upset that he drove drunk AND that he broke his promise to her. She has not talked to him since.

Slacker and Steve would never encourage anyone to drink and drive but people do make mistakes and break promises. Do you think Katie is overreacting?

Steve thinks she is angry because he did not listen to MUST be a control thing.

Slacker thinks that no one would ever say to their partner “Don’t leave you car downtown. You must bring that thing home.”He could have found a ride home but did his buddy convince him to drive so his buddy would have his car in the morning (hopefully)?

The only people that can truly cast stones are the ones that have never ever driven drunk. Slacker and Steve think that this is going to be hard to find.

If you have been in a situation like this, how would you handle it?What should Katie do?

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10/10/2012 5:09PM
OPP: Drunk Driving
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02/28/2013 8:13PM
Discussion on this?
Was there a facebook discussion on this? I would like to show it to my brother who does this more often than I would like to admit.
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