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OPP: Daughter Wants to Quit Ballet


Teaching life lessons are a part of raising a child. The husband of today’s OPP wants to teach their daughter a lesson, but the mom, Elise, is not sure it’s one that needs to be taught. 

Yi guys! My 11-year-old daughter begged her dad and me for ballet lessons for months. We didn't want to sign her up because the classes are really expensive, but we finally caved and after only three lessons she wants to quit. Of course, we are paid up for the year and can't get our money back. We want to force her to go, but is it wrong to force your child to continue with an activity she doesn't enjoy? My husband feels like she made a commitment and needs to learn to follow through with her decisions and choices, but I'm not so sure. It's not like she could have known she wouldn't like ballet without trying it. What would you do if it was your daughter? We really need some advice.


Places like this, the dance studio, know exactly what’s going to happen 90 percent of the time. Kids are going to start and then hate it. That’s why they make you sign a contract. Just like the gym memberships that you sign up for on the 2nd day of the New Year and never go back. Cash in the bank. Putting your kid in a ballet concentration camp may or may not be the right thing to do. Slacker was forced into band at school. He was doing really well at school, but he needed an additional activity. He was forced to learn how to play baritone sax / trombone. He hated every minute of it, but he’s glad he did it. It opened doors for him to go to Florida as a kid, but it also closed the door on the bad influences that surround kids in school. He was simply too busy.
Steve on the other hand was out spray painting all night or huffing or something like that. Steve has the correct answer. That’s because he has the perspective of looking from the outside in. Once you start something, you follow through!

What would you do if you were Elise?

My daughter is 4, almost 5 and she just started ballet lessons. Here’s the deal. Never sign a kid up for anything longer than 4-6 weeks. This is the only way to find out what they like without breaking the bank! This couple should’ve tried it a little at a time. My daughter loves it, but when she went to the first lesson, she wasn’t completely sold either…
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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10/05/2012 3:32PM
OPP: Daughter Wants to Quit Ballet
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10/05/2012 4:40PM
Mom of 3
I am a parent of 3 and i am very supportive of them but when it comes to joining sports or anything I make it clear that if I am going to pay for a class they will finish it no matter what and at that age the parents are always welcome to stay and watch or even assist so there isn't any reason for bullying or anything like that if its so bad that she refuses to go then she should be able to get money back but if not then I believe she should have to finish it maybe that makes me sound bad but these days we aren't made of money and these kids need to realize that not everything you want is just given to you its a hard lesson but maybe next time she beggs mom and dad she will want to try before you buy.
10/05/2012 4:50PM
do not let daughter quit
my 20 year old son now tells me I should have made him play sports (when he didn't want to) because he quits things now whenever it isn't quick and easy!! This entire generation is for instant success and as adults they are going to be hurting if they only do what they want to and do not learn to persevere. 11 is old enough to learn the lesson. in 6 months when she sees her own improvement...WOW what an accomplishment and self pride!!
10/05/2012 10:48PM
Horrible acting kids!!
All I know is kid's have WAY too much control over thier parents today!! They are raised to be spoiled brats and are so unpleasant to be around! Whatever happened to discipline and parents calling the shots??!
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