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OPP: Complainer Friend

Today’s OPP comes from Andrea:
Yi boys! I’m writing you about someone I’ve been friends with for years--I’m not sure I can be around her anymore. She is the type of person that complains about everything and will do anything to get something for free. She complains about the service when we go out to eat, she asks for her money back because she didn’t like the movie we saw, she complains about how the bartender mixed her drink--I could go on forever. I’ve reached my breaking point and I’m tired of being embarrassed every time I go out with her. I’ve tried mentioning that I don’t like it but she won’t stop! Is there anything I can say to make her realize she is being a b**** or do I have to end the friendship? Thanks so much!

If Slacker orders a steak and they bring him chicken, he pretends like it is perfection. He doesn’t have the guts to complain, but he bets a lot of people have someone like this in their life. When Steve complains and whines, he only talks about it to Slacker at work, not to a third party every time they go out. Slacker would feel so embarrassed if he did and wouldn’t even want to put up with it if that was the case. However, he does think the complainers of the world get all the stuff and the nice people don’t, which is unfortunate. He has family members that will go out to a restaurant, eat a few bites of steak and then complain. They’ll say they lost their appetite and get it taken off their check. The restaurant usually even asks them if they want any free dessert, but with all this said, he has two questions… Is it possible they think they are doing it for the greater good of humanity? Or is the complainer just a toxic friend?

Wow. I wouldn’t even begin to be friends with this person. I would be so embarrassed just like Andrea; I would slowly start to fade this friend out of my life. I don’t think you can fully change a person, especially if you mentioned it once before. She is stuck in her ways and thinks she gets some sort of benefit for complaining. When she loses a friend because of it, maybe, just maybe will she see she is being a total B, but she’ll probably just complain about you un-friending her.
What advice do you have for Andrea?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/31/2012 1:08PM
OPP: Complainer Friend
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