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OPP: Child Support


Today'ss OPP comes from an listener who asdked to remain anonymous...

Yi! Slacker and Steve. My mom and dad are divorced and I live with my mom. She's been a single mom since they got divorced when I was little. We don’t have any money and I’m tired of being broke all the time. She doesn’t make my dad pay any child support but I think she should. He's not rich but hes not as broke as we are. My mom says she doesn’t make him pay cuz the courts make dads pay to much and she doesn’t want any handouts. I need help making her think it’s okay to get money from him so we don’t struggle this bad anymore. What do you think I should tell her?
~please don’t use my name~

Steve agrees that the courts make men pay too much. With that in mind, Steve dates alot of single mom's. Most of them are just glad to have the dude out of the picture. By not asking them to pay, they can't partake in the kids life. Steve wants to know how Slacker knows this is a daughter and not a son. 

Slacker doesn't think this is the situation here. The daughter most know this guy. Slacker now feels like a complete tool, maybe it is a son. He thinks he's being sexist by assuming it was a girl. Slacker's parents fought alot when he was growing up and he always thought they would be better apart. Now? They are in great shape...

Does mom know best? What advice would you give this daughter / son?   

Real quick...I totally thought this was a girl. We just don't know! I pay child support, the dad should be doing something either directly to a fund for the child or at least directly towards the bills...No matter what, pregnancy is avoidable if you don't want to be financially resonsible. The kids isn't responsible for the separation, so pay up! If the child knows the dad, then the dad knows the situation....

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff!
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10/01/2012 4:21PM
OPP: Child Support
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