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OPP: Broke up but Pregnant

Today’s OPP recently went through a breakup but she’s hanging onto one secret her ex might want to know. Emily recently went through a breakup and her ex doesn’t want her to contact him under any circumstance. The catch is that she found out she’s pregnant and is unsure on if she should breech contact and tell him, or just leave him out of it.

Slacker says it’s going to be her choice either way, no matter what he thinks. Does she owe him the courtesy to tell him?

Steve said that you aren’t a dad until you are informed.
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01/09/2013 4:20PM
OPP: Broke up but Pregnant
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01/09/2013 4:48PM
A mans right?
Slacker and Steve, Women have the right to decide about giving birth to a child or not because they have the uterus and 9.9 times out of 10 they end up responsible for raising the child. If you don't want to be a man in this situation be responsible and wear protection. Stop leaving birth control entirely up to the women. By the way she should not tell him. Keep the ties cut and do whats best for her and the child.
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