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OPP: Boyfriend's Ex is My New Friend

Today’s OPP comes from Betsy…
Betsy was kind enough to come on the air with us as a caller, but here is her letter that she sent us to present on the air…
Yi! I met my boyfriend Jeff’s ex-girlfriend at a party and I thought she was amazing. She and I talked for hours about life and love and she even told me all this stuff about her relationship with Jeff and why it didn't work out, which I totally respected. The problem is that she called to ask me to lunch, and I really want to go, but Jeff is pissed and says I have no business or right to be friends with his ex. What should I do? I think she’s really cool, but I don’t want to upset my boyfriend.


Betsy said yes and she told her boyfriend and he totally wigged out!
Slacker wants to know if they are planning on continuing the relationship. Slacker asked Betsy if when she’s out with her girlfriends, do they talk about their significant others. Then it seems like these two would be commiserating about habits of the boyfriend. Slacker wants to make sure that Betsy genuinely wants to be friends with this woman even though it’s stressful on the relationship with her boyfreind. Slacker has been thinking about his wife and his ex wife being best friends. It makes him uncomfortable because he knows they are going to sing songs about him and stuff.
Steve says they will definitely talk about Slacker…who doesn’t? Maybe even erect a statue…
Steve’s wants to know if the ex is prettier than Betsy? Steve let’s Betsy know that the boyfriend is worried that they will start taking about relations and stuff. Sharing clothes…Just like Blossom and Six from that show “Blossom”…
 How should she handle this situation?
C’mon! Why isn’t anybody mentioning the obvious? Three’s company, fours a frickin’ party! Find out who the ex girlfriend’s current boyfriend is and get the boys hooked up! This is not that hard… Adults have social circles that are truly much more intricate than kids in high school. Grow up and be smarter than the dudes… If you will it to happen, it will happen.
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/26/2012 4:26PM
OPP: Boyfriend's Ex is My New Friend
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