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OPP: Borrowing Nanny

Today, Brittany joined us live on the air to share her OPP.
Brittany is a nanny for a really wealthy family and the mother happens to be around her same size in clothing. So, occasionally she will “borrow” a piece of clothing or jewelry to go out for an evening and will always return the clothing or jewelry before she even begins to notice. She hasn’t stolen anything and she’s always dry cleans anything that was clothing before putting it back. According to Brittany, her boss is one of those women that wears a piece of clothing and then never wears it again.
The problem is, her boyfriend is asking her to stop and he’s getting really upset about it, which she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but ever since he found out, he thinks it’s stealing. She doesn’t have the money to go out and buy all of these things so she’s just going to borrow a necklace or two to look nice for him. In her brain, this is entirely normal. She thinks if she was taking it and not bringing it back, then it would be a problem. If she did damage something, she would have to talk to her and replace it, but that’s her responsibility and she understands that.
Slacker asked if she would be mad if someone was doing this to her and she replied back saying if it was someone she trusted and they were bringing them back undamaged, then she would be okay with that.
Slacker wanted to try to prove a point and brought up an example. He says if he yanks an iPad from the Apple store and returns it in a week, then it’s no harm no foul, but really…That’s not the case.
Do you think what Brittany is doing is okay? What advice do you have for Brittany?
Personally, I would be upset if I found out she was doing this without asking. I am completely on her boyfriend’s side and she needs to stop doing this. Maybe she should just start asking…She can keep the secret of what she was doing before, but now she needs to do the right thing or maybe…I don’t know…Ask for a raise.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/23/2012 4:30PM
OPP: Borrowing Nanny
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04/23/2012 4:45PM
Brittany you are a Thief!!
I think Brittany should give her address out and let me go through her closet and choose what i think "she never wears" and have it for myself! Brittany keeps saying "It's just clothes what's the big deal" you are right what is the big deal what do you need them for if their is no importance to them? Brittany you are a thief!!!
04/23/2012 4:59PM
Brittany is an immoral idiot thief!
If she is caught, charges could be filed against her, so if she doesn't "get it" that what she is doing is immoral, maybe she'll understand that it's criminal. I would NEVER want someone like that taking care of my children. Hope she gets caught!
04/23/2012 5:10PM
heres perspective
If you think you are a member of the family and doesn't see what's wrong with it then " borrow" her clothes in front of her let her know you'll return it tomorrow, and while you do that go grab a necalace out of her jewlery box that by the way dhe doesn't even wear because its the last piece of jewlery her grandma handed down to her before she died and tell her that since its not being used your gonna use it but will return it tomorrow if you can openly do that in front of her maybe your right but i have a feeling yiou sneak this stuff out! Why? Cause you know its WRONG!
04/23/2012 5:34PM
What the heck are you thinking?
I listen to you guys every day of the week on my drive home. This is the first time I have felt so strongly about your discussions that I HAD TO SPEAK UP. To Brittany - Is this part of the agreement of your employment that you can borrow her clothing and jewelry? I believe it is the same thing as when people working for an organization "borrow" money that is in an account that does not belong to them. It is just sitting there in an account, not being used. They say "I just borrowed it, I was going to bring it back". When they get caught "borrowing" the money, they go to jail because IT IS WRONG! This is the same thing, these items do not belong to you, you did not buy them, you did not pay for them, they DO NOT BELONG TO YOU! Regardless if she wears these items or not. If you truly feel this is not WRONG, ask the woman you are "borrowing" from - see if she feels it is okay or not. If you do not ask her, then you know what you are doing is not right.
04/23/2012 5:49PM
Your boyfriend should dump you like a hot potato, and that is not a compliment, in case your brain cannot comprehend that. If you think it is okay to do this, what else will you justify in your mind. If he is as smart as he seems to be, he will kiss your (you know what) goodbye.
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