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OPP: Babysitter-Gate

Today Melissa joined us live on the air to discuss her OPP.
Melissa babysits a lot and the family she babysits for, she has been babysitting for them for over a year. However, with the family, she’s always gotten a weird vibe from the dad. He’s never done anything, but he’s always been a little creepy. The very first time she went to babysit, he was showing her all his little home improvement projects like he was bragging and trying to show off. Usually it’s not that big of a deal, but now the wife is going out of town this weekend and he is inviting his buddies over for a boxing event on paper view. He wants her to be there overnight to help take care of the kids and its great money, but she has a weird feeling about it. Could it be a bad idea?
Steve thinks this guy is a moron for putting himself in this position and doesn’t believe in women’s intuition like Slacker. Slacker gets it, but what if he has no feelings for her and she’s just making it up in her brain? Steve see’s all that, but he’s still putting himself in a precarious position. To him, it’s guilty until proven innocent. Plus, Steve wondered if his wife even knew he asked her to babysit. Melissa pointed out that usually the wife calls her, but this time it was him, but that still doesn’t give us much. Slacker says if he’s never said anything and never touched her, then he just wants to tell Melissa, how dare you accuse him of being creepy when he’s done absolutely nothing.
What do you think? What advice do you have for Melissa?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/04/2012 4:18PM
OPP: Babysitter-Gate
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05/04/2012 4:29PM
Bring a friend!
I have nannied for over 15 years. Bring a friend, boyfriend or if you can, have them sleepover at your place as a 'special night out'. The dad might not be a creeper but I've had the same vibe from men and you hold go with your gut. Kelly
05/04/2012 4:51PM
Sleep over
I think that melissa should bring the kids to her house. the kids would think its fun, and the guys are gonna be loud watching the fight, which might wake the kids. Plus you never know if they are going to use "garage" talk which you never want children to hear. -Annika
05/07/2012 4:51PM
banysitter gate
good lord, I could yell last week when Melissa called in that she was already reading too much into the situation. Poor guy.....I think nothing happenef and Melissa is making it up si she has something to report.
05/08/2012 5:41PM
Heard the original call when I was passing thru Denver last Friday, and was hoping to see what ended up happening. Oh well.....
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