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OPP: Affair Break Up

Break ups are hard and she is going through one right now…but when you hear the whole story you may not feel so sorry for her.

Veronica is having a difficult (extra emphasis on the difficult) time dealing with this breakup (as many of us do).  It wasn't over text message, but after a year and a half relationship, this woman is having a hard time even after a month.

Aside from Slacker and Steve knowing that women heavily indulge in ice cream and watch Jennifer Aniston movies (way to do your research guys!), but these guys can fully relate.  Although it's hard to console a person because usually they need to make themselves happy again.

I've been in my fair share of long term relationships (and my fair share of breakups) but I haven't faced anything like Veronica's situation.  I quickly get over bad moods and am upbeat again in no time, but bumming out like this can be hard.  If anything, Veronica has to find some other activity to get her mind off of it (just make sure that activity isn't binge drinking).

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07/11/2012 4:24PM
OPP: Affair Break Up
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07/11/2012 4:38PM
That's what she gets! She wanted the WIFE sad and crying and did not care about her when she stared the relationship, now she wants us to feel sorry for her? This guy is finally doing the right thing (he's a pig though too) and she is heartbroken? I feel zero sympathy for cheaters!
07/11/2012 5:02PM
How can I connect with her?
I called in and was on the air (Alicia), but I ended up hanging up right away. Is there any way I can get her my contact information? This is a hard situation that most people do not understand. First of all, by the time you realize what's going on, you're already knee deep in the situation. Most people don't say "Oh, I'd like to ruin an marriage, how about I start an affair with someone." All parties get hurt. And it hurts bad. Even if you're the "other woman."
07/11/2012 6:16PM
Don't Judge
Something similar just happened to me. I met someone who I thought was great 8 months ago. He was a contractor for my work who lived out of town. We met for drinks after work one day and hit it off. Didn't wear a ring, told me he was just served papers and was on his way to divorce. Things happened between us when he came into town, we talked on the phone and on text hours each day. Why would you think anything else. At one point he told me when his divorce was final he wanted me to move in with him. I thought things were great.. Until about a month ago when I got a call from his actual wife!!! Who informed me of all of his lies.. It was a bit shocking but she ended up being a nice person who talked things out with me about the lies he told both of us. It was nice to compare stories! She is now filing for divorce and I have cut all contact with him... Sometimes people just want their cake and to eat it too no matter who they hurt. BTW: He is now threatening to get me fired from my job, threatening to build a website about me to ruin my name and threatening to tell my friends lies I apparently said about them. WHY you ask ?? Because I am the one who ruined his marriage he claims!! Like I said to him... I didn't force you to have drinks, I didnt force you to come to my house, I didn't force you to get undressed and I didn't force you to make love to me. You ruined your own marriage !!! Lying doesn't pay !
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