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Kim Kardashian recently admitted she thinks she suffers from OCD. She says, ''I can't take a shower unless the bathroom is absolutely spotless, I think I'm totally OCD … everything has to be immaculate. I have a cleaner who comes three times a week but I always do the cleaning on top of that.''

Slacker feels that Steve is just like Kim.  Not in the respect that he's hot, but that he is an OCD cleaner.  Even Steve admits that showers can get disgusting, he's not on the same level as Kim.  Slacker's wife is OCD about making sure everything is off before leaving the house.  Even mid-trip, he'll turn around to check the house again.  Steve carries along toilet paper and paper towels for trips.  Is that OCD, or just weird?

At the moment, I can't admit I have any rituals that run my personal life.  My daily schedule is always changing, but my running routine is always the same.  I always have to stretch before and after a run, and try eat a post-workout snack.  The rituals before an actual race is even worse and I usually end up warming up for a race with at least 20 minutes left to spare.

Do you have any OCD rituals that run your life?

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06/20/2012 5:20PM
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06/20/2012 6:51PM
More info on OCD and how to get support
Yi Alice I listen to Slacker and Steve every afternoon. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I also suffer from OCD. I started demonstrating signs of OCD at age 4 in response to a trauma - I used my OCD as a coping mechanism. If you or your child are exhibiting symptoms - please see the resources below. Please know that OCD is a condition that can cause a great deal of anxiety and discomfort. OCD can start in early childhood. The O "Obsession" means that you are having unwanted and intrusive thoughts (For me, I worried that I would do something wrong and someone I loved would get hurt). The C "Complusive/Complusion" is a ritual or behavior that you engage in - even when you realize the behavior seems odd - in order to lessen anxiety. My rituals centered around the number 3 - having to wash my hands three times - having to check a lock three times. The rituals can become more time consuming - suddenly washing my hands 9 times (a multiple of 3) in order to further reduce anxiety. As a child, my hands began to crack and bleed and later I was unable to live in the dorms because of worries surrounding germs and my rituals. HELP IS POSSIBLE! I still struggle with OCD and the symptoms are worse when I am stressed but I have gotten help. Again, help can be sought out for children also - and OCD can be tackled at an early age. Here are some resources: National Institute of Mental Health International OCD Foundation Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies - ALISON (verify the license of a mental health professional - check for any violations, etc)
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