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New Boobs or New Teeth

We know a female that just got a bonus. She wants to splurge on a new purse or a boob job, but we think that she should invest in getting her teeth fixed. Steve thinks it's her money so it's her choice. But, as Slacker so kindly put it 'It's like getting new rims on a hail damage car!'

How do they approach this without being offensive? As a woman, what would you do: teeth or boobs?

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08/28/2012 6:13PM
New Boobs or New Teeth
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08/29/2012 4:32PM
This should be a no-brainer! If you're looking for "Mr. Right", the boobs are NOT the way to go! Get your teeth fixed! Your smile will carry you farther, yes even in your 'senior' years, than a boob job will!
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